UChicago Cards

The UChicago Card is the official University of Chicago identification card. UChicago Cards are issued to all faculty, staff, academic employees, and students who are enrolled in credit programs.

UChicago Cards can be used to:

The University of Chicago Card is yours alone to use, but it remains the property of the University and must be shown on demand. It is not transferable under any condition. Do not lend your UChicago Card to any other person.

How to get your UChicago Card

You can get your UChicago Card at the ID & Privileges Office, located in the lobby of Joseph Regenstein Library. Incoming first-year students receive their cards during Orientation. You must bring a government issued photo ID (e.g., a driver's license, passport, state ID card). Learn more about the UChicago Card on the UChicago FAQ page.

Who is eligible?

All current faculty, academic employees, staff, postdoctoral fellows, visiting scholars, and active students.

What does it cost me?

Free for the initial card; replacement charge is $20.

What to know first:

Employee card records generally show up in the carding system within a few days of their start date. Incoming College freshmen receive their UChicago Cards during Orientation.
You must bring a government issued photo ID (e.g., a driver's license, passport, state ID card).

How do I report a lost card?

If you have lost your UChicago Card, you can email lostcard@uchicago.edu or stop by the ID & Privileges Office during business hours to have it deactivated.  More details on lost or stolen cards can be found at https://uchicago.service-now.com/it?id=kb_article&kb=KB00015609

UChicago Card image information for Faculty

Faculty have the option to stop their image from being displayed electronically to entry-control attendants at access control points around campus that utilize user images. This option is currently only available to faculty/academic staff.  Please contact the ID & Privileges Office to opt out.

Please note: Because your picture will no longer be displayed to entry-control attendants, you may be stopped and asked to display your UChicago Card at entry-control points.

UChicago Card image information for Students

Your UChicago Card image is your photo of record and will be displayed in the student information system and class photo rosters requested by faculty.  The photo of record must match the image on your UChicago Card, so we cannot update your photo without issuing a new card.